Have you ever thought about what your gift to United Way could do? 

Here is just one example of making a difference.

The following testimony is based on an actual client from Salvation Army. 

The name has been changed to protect their privacy.

It was a freezing cold, dreary day in December and Jessica was becoming more desperate by the minute.  She and her three small children were huddled inside their one-bedroom apartment and panic was setting in quickly.  She had 72 hours before they were going to turn off her electricity and water.  She had enough money for the rent for the month, a little food, and baby formula but her paycheck from the convenience store was not going to cover the rest of the expenses for the month.  Her ex-husband had suddenly decided to stop paying child support and there was no family or friends to turn to for help.

She was alone.

Jessica was holding back the sobs that threatened to come but she took a few deep breaths and picked up her phone to look for help.  The first number she saw was the United Way of Palo Pinto.  She was embarrassed and stressed but knew she was going to have to reach out for help for her babies.

The phone was answered immediately, and the soft-spoken lady explained that there were several organizations in the county, supported by United Way, that could help her family.  Jessica wrote down several phone numbers.

Jessica called and made appointments at these organizations and quickly got help with her electricity and water bills. Another agency helped with food and yet another helped with medication.

There are so many more Jessicas in our community.  Please consider donating to United Way and help these families.


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